Friday, February 15, 2013

Man vs Beast II

...or tourism vs 'eco'-tourism
After not finding the Tarsier in Mindanao i moved to Bohol. Bohol is said to be the only place to find Tarsiers. A lot of people believe that even though it's not true. Tourism in Bohol mainly relys on tourists visiting the 'choclate hills'. A few hills where there's only gras growing. I looked at them driving by with the bus. I would rather want to see a proper forest. There's enough empty space around here. So i informed myself  because i wanted to see the tarsiers in the wild.
Oportunity 1 would be the touristzoo with tarsiers in cages that on top calls himself  'conservation blabla'. A joke. I didn't even consider going there.
Oportunity 2 would be the harder to reach and therefore less visited alternative. But they provide and maintain a protected area for the species and from time to time there's even research going on. There works the guy who initiated the whole Conservationprogram. For those reasons i went there and would recommend it to everybody to do so.

There you're going to find a bushy forest of some  170 hectares. In the middle of the forest there's a little house with information and next to it an enclosure. Well, wasn't really what i expected of seeing them in the wild. During the night they get attracted by lights, because they're mainly feeding on insects. I couldn't tell if they really stay by choice. But the lady guiding us told me, if they wanted to leave, they could. Well during daytime they sleep in the bushes.

Then you just have to find them. Which is a challenge cause they're only as big as a hand.

Here is a picture of the entire animal with the long tail (at the bottom left corner of the picture)

And her one from the forest


Beast: 1 Tiburonny: 1, eventhough i don't really count it as a win. But probably you have to be happy to be able to still see them.


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