Thursday, May 2, 2013


Postponed my onward journey for a day in a shortterm decision. One of the best surfrelated decisions I made since I'm surfing. This way I had the oportunity to surf this worldclass surfspot in overhead waves for 4,5 hours with max 7 people. 2 hours of it even just with the three of us! I couldn't believe my eyes! Normaly in conditions like these there would be propably 30 to 60 people sitting in the water. In contrary to a in the normal case propably hardly existing wavecount I now even sometimes had 2 waves out of the same set. Thats the way it must have felt back in the Seventies. I still need to grin when I think about it...

Sorry about the quality of picture but my camera broke and instead of 14 now there's 2 megapixel. And they don't look very good when zoomed in.


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