Sunday, August 11, 2013

Wipeout Competition Results

It was absolutely exciting until the end. An incredible amount of people voted and in a switch at the last moment, one competitor decided the race for himself.
Here we go, the official results of the Wipeout Competition:
(german+english blog votes)

1. Takeoff I
0 Votes  (0%)
2. Nosedive
0 Votes  (0%)
3. Takeoff II
0 Votes  (0%)
4. failed Floater
5 Votes  (50%)
5. Moment of impact
1 Vote   (10%)
6. Bottomturn
3 Votes  (30%)
7. Clipped I
1 Vote   (10%)
8. Clipped II
0 Votes  (0%)

And the Winner ist the failed Floater. Sorry, Paho! You put on a great performance this day but unfortunalety it wasn't enough. Your explosive Bottomturn reached second place with 3 votes.
Thanks to the Voters for taking part in this glorious Poll. See you again at the Best Wipeouts of 2013! Submissions like the following (Bottomturn: unidentified/ Java) are open from now on


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