Wednesday, December 4, 2013


For the 3rd birthday of my wild 13, after more than 100.000km of travels on four continents, 15 flights, countless drives in busses, trains, cars, on trucks, motor- and pushbikes, skateboards, with ferrys, boats and canoes, after 5 snapped leashes and the board therefore into the rocks, after 4 people were sitting on the rails on a bumpy busride (Philippines), after it flew off the bemo with 60km/h (Philippines aswell), after the bike fell on it (damn, Philippines again), countless wipe-outs, over-the-falls, contacts ith the reef, river-, beach- and reefwaves, contests, shapecamps and most of all maaaany hours inthe surf in small, big, flat, hollow, relaxed and dangerous waves it was time for the 100.000km- check before going to Ecuador. Fixed the epoxy on the rails and polished it for the nice shine. Ready.


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