Monday, June 10, 2013

More deserted Right- and Lefthanders

Here again (not again, booring!) a few pics from way out there and far away from all tourists. Stayed with a family in the area because the next hotel was a one hour drive away. Well, and this happens aswell, beautiful beach and the waves are to small:

And this, after i drove in the truest sense of the word cross-country. Tried for 2 hours to get to the beach. On the next picture you can see what I had to drive through (foto: Google). Cornfields as far as you can see and no streets. Just little tracks. And most of them were dead-ends. Then at one point I got sick of it and drove across the field. The way back was easier, hehe.

So close but so far. Top waves but where is the way?

To reach this spot I had to climb down the cliffs. One hand on the rock, one carries the surfboard. 

Alternative activity possibilities in the bouldercave

Well and as an old Dreisamsurfer (river through Freiburg) one notices the Waimeaesque outflow of the lagoon. Naturally I had to try it. To the exitement amusement of the fishers on the beach. Greetings to Krabbelgruppe Abteilung München. You would have been able to rip more than me.


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